Assess your site

Wind Prospect can carry out a free assessment of your site. In order to do so we will need a map clearly indicating the boundary of the land that is under your control. The easiest way to submit your land boundary details, is by using our ‘Assess You Site’ tool, by clicking the link below.

If you would rather post or email the details for site assessment, please send your map with the land boundary clearly marked, either by email to: or by post to: Assess Your Site, Wind Prospect, Ground Floor, 7 Hill Street, Bristol, BS1 5PU

The map needs to contain field boundaries, e.g. an Ordnance Survey map of 1:25000 or higher. If you are unable to provide an Ordnance Survey map of 1:25000 or higher, we can perform a basic assessment based on either a postcode/address or grid coordinates. If the results of this assessment are positive, we will send you a detailed map onto which you can mark your land boundary.

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