Burnfoot Hill




Number of turbines 13   Av. households supplied 14,592 households
Rating of turbines 2 MW Carbon dioxide saved:    
Wind farm size 26 MW        CO2 displacement 37,466 tonnes p.a.
Predicted output 61,723 MWhr p.a.            
Note: The capacity factor used in these calculations is 27.10%.

Following a series of detailed assessments and in-depth consultations Wind Prospect submitted a planning application for the Burnfoot Hill Wind Farm to Clackmannanshire Council in April 2006. A separate application for access to the proposed Wind Farm was submitted to Perth & Kinross Council in June 2006.

The application for the wind farm was consented by Clackmannanshire Council in March 2007 and the application for access to the development was consented by Perth & Kinross Council in May 2007.

The Burnfoot Hill Wind Farm consists of thirteen 2MW wind turbines, each with 60m high towers and blades that are 42m long, giving an overall maximum height of 102m, and associated infrastructure including internal access tracks, crane hardstandings, a switchgear building, a permanent anemometer mast and potentially two borrow pits.

In addition to the environmental benefits, associated with the non-polluting sustainable energy generation technology, the direct benefits for the local community include a Local Trust Fund of £20,000 per annum to help fund local energy efficiency and sustainability projects, and general environmental enhancement projects. A £65,000 per annum Recreational Enhancement Fund was set up to encourage recreational activities in the area.

Construction of Burnfoot Hill Wind Farm was completed by Wind Prospect's engineering team.



Project Manager

Sarah Dooley




Burnfoot Hill predicted view

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